FOR  "Nicotine Jim"

Legislation was passed in Virginia to help Philip Morris, on trial in Florida,  and pushed by Nicotine Jim, in March, 2000.

Below is a September 22, 1999 news release,
about the federal lawsuit against tobacco companies,
from the office of Virginia Governor James Gilmore,
nicknamed "Nicotine Jim" by Virginia GASP.
 The links help illuminate the hypocrisy in the words of "Nicotine Jim".

     WASHINGTON, D.C.- "Virginians have reason to be deeply concerned about the
     Clinton Administration's decision to file a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against the major
     tobacco companies. This lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department will jeopardize the
     Master Settlement Agreement made by the tobacco companies with the states.

     "Depletion of the Master Settlement Agreement monies will in turn deal a major blow to
     our efforts to fight youth tobacco use and to protect citizens in Virginia's tobacco
     growing regions from severe economic hardship.

     "In addition to the monetary loss, this lawsuit threatens to establish a terrible precedent
     by allowing the use of taxpayer dollars to sue businesses in pursuit of policy objectives
     that could not be achieved through the normal and appropriate legislative process. Such
     a precedent poses a severe financial threat not only to the tobacco companies, but to all
     industries, here in Virginia and throughout the nation."

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Governor James Gilmore,
Nicotine Jim,
has a strong record of
helping the tobacco industry.

Legislation to help Philip Morris
Gilmore quietly had legislation introduced in the Virginia General Assembly to assist Philip Morris, which is on trial in Florida in the Engle case.


Gilmore has owned tens of thousands of dollars in Philip Morris stock, until putting it in a "blind trust" upon being elected governor.
Gilmore has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the tobacco industry under several campaign fund titles.
As attorney general:
Gilmore refused to oppose a successful 1996 state bill
        (carried by Delegate Ward Armstrong at the request of a Tobacco Institute lobbyist)
        which made it extremely difficult for the state of Virginia
        to sue the tobacco industry to reclaim medicaid funds..
    But later as Governor, he supported the state attorneys' general settlement
        of their lawsuits against the tobacco industry.

    Gilmore filed a brief supporting the
        tobacco industry's suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA].

    Gilmore's spokesperson said
        that Gilmore would not enforce the FDA regulations.
        Later, Gilmore said his spokesperson had misspoken.

Then, as Governor:
    Gilmore organized a "Tobacco Summit" in 1998 to support tobacco industry workers.

    Gilmore supported the state attorneys' general settlement
        of their lawsuits against the tobacco industry

    Gilmore assigned a task force to take care of the division of the money

Gilmore supported the idea of only 10% of the millions of dollars from the settlement
        to go towards supporting health programs to keep teenagers from tobacco use.
        The victims of the tobacco industry,
            including consumers who are addicted to tobacco products,
                and suffered terminal illnesses from using tobacco,
            and those who breathed in environmental tobacco smoke and suffer illnesses from it,
            would not be helped under Gilmore's plans..
Gilmore supported having most of the money
        go to help tobacco farmers and workers continue with business as usual.
Gilmore has refused to support legislation to protect citizens from
        environmental tobacco smoke,
        and his administration at first opposed a bill to prohibit smoking
        in public rest rooms of restaurants, and then said they had "no position" on the bill, which died..
Gilmore strongly supports Texas Gov. George W. Bush. for
        the Republican nomination for President,
        with some press reports indicating Gilmore may
        be hoping for a cabinet position if Bush is elected.
        Bush has indicated strong support of the tobacco industry,
        with campaign contributions from many top executives in that industry.

For an in-depth study of Gilmore, try:  The Almanac of Virginia Politics.

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